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ACS135 Limited Edition Cocktail Set


ACS135 Limited Edition Cocktail Set
ACS135 Limited Edition Cocktail Set ACS135 Limited Edition Cocktail Set


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We're extremely honoured to be a part of ACS135 this year and have created three custom cocktail flavours inspired by the past, present and future of the school.

Inspired by flavours of the West, this cocktail is a delicate mix of fresh mint-infused vodka, juicy pear plus a good drop of dry vermouth for balance. So light and refreshing you can enjoy it in the day.

We next move on to some flavours of the East with a tropical blend of pineapple cooked down with gula melaka and cloves, paired with a generous pour of brandy for a decadent sip. Perfect as an aperitif as the sun sets.

Finally, to celebrate the rich heritage of ACSians young and young at heart, this robust cocktail is a combination of overproof bourbon, crème de cacao and cherry liqueur. Best enjoyed after a hearty meal with good friends and even better conversation.


Each set includes 3x 250ml bottled cocktails (one of each flavour)
Each 250ml bottle provides 3-4 serves (set provides 9-12 serves)

Deliveries will be made from Feb 20th to Mar 1st. Please indicate your preferred delivery date in the remarks section at the checkout and we will contact you within 24hrs of your order with a confirmation. 

For orders of multiple sets for delivery to different addresses around Singapore, drop us an email at or DM us @drinksundaypunch on Instagram and we'll be happy to help.

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