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So many of you have asked for a more Negroni-style cocktail through the year so here it is! Bittersweet features sweet vermouth steeped in festive spices like cinnamon, cloves and orange peel, mixed with a touch of Cynar (one of our favourite herbal liqueurs), a good splash of whisky and a drop of blackcurrant liqueur for a suitably sweet finish.

A wonderfully complex cocktail filled with warm festive notes for those who prefer a less-sweet sip after a hearty meal with friends and family.


500ml, 6-8 serves

250ml, 3-4 serves

The Bittersweet is also available in a nifty Whisky Trio Gift Set (alongside the WWGT and Momo Hoji) for a limited time. Just in case you feel like sharing how much you love this cocktail with someone else 😊

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