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Deep Red (Christmas Launch 2018)


Deep Red Cocktail
Deep Red Cocktail Deep Red (Christmas Launch 2018)


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We love the year-end festivities with all the wonderful flavours it brings so we put together Deep Red - a delectable blend of whisky, chocolate, pomegranate and mint that's perfect for the season.

Each sip of this festive cocktail first begins with a dose of refreshing tartness from the pomegranate before it's wrapped like a nice warm blanket in some velvety dark chocolate notes. The drink finishes with a touch of mint that we infused in the whisky for some chill times ahead.

While this may be the new release for Christmas this year, we think it's so tasty it should be enjoyed all year long. Order a bottle and let us know if you agree!

Available also in a handy 250ml size for that quick holiday hit wherever you are


500ml, 6-8 serves

250ml, 3-4 serves   

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