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Teaquila Sunset


Teaquila Sunset
Teaquila Sunset Teaquila Sunset


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Because it's about time we created a tequila-based cocktail after all the feedback we've received some lovely fans (you know who you are) - here's a mix you don't have to feel bad about taking a big sip of.

Our Teaquila Sunset is a mix that we hope brings a more relaxing perspective to the spirit we love to hate (and vice-versa) - tequila. We brewed our very own spiced apple tea blend with black tea, cinnamon, cloves and orange peel, added a healthy pour of lightly rested tequila and a splash of dry vermouth. We like how it tastes like a mellow spiced apple tea you might enjoy as the sun gets low with just the right amount of tequila so you know it's there. It's an awesome way to welcome a great dinner ahead.

Definitely not a cocktail created to be served in a shot glass with salt and lime, but if that floats your boat, who are we to get in the way with a good time feeling nostalgic with your friends...

15% ABV

500ml, 6-8 serves

250ml, 3-4 serves

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