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We distil... Stormy Weather

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The second cocktail in the AUGUSTMAN x Sunday Punch cocktail series is Stormy Weather. Inspired by the rum-based Dark and Stormy cocktail, this whisky-version is perfect for those of us who simply enjoy lazy rainy days indoors.


We start with Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Blended Scotch Whisky. Cutty Sark whisky is named after one of the last (and one of the fastest) tea clippers to sail the seas back in the late 1860s and much of the brand is steeped in a history of adventure around the world (we’ll let you go google that on your own). The Prohibition Edition, launched in late 2013, comes in at a rather high 50% ABV. This high proof not only helps puts hairs on your chest but it also makes for an exceptionally mixable spirit allowing the character of the whisky to shine through in a cocktail.


We then chose The King’s Ginger liqueur for a rich and zesty hit of ginger that would be able to stand toe-to-toe with this big whisky, before adding a few touches of maple syrup, vermouth for a perfect all-around balance in every pour. Before we forget, there’s one more thing- we finish each bottle of the Stormy Weather cocktail with a few drops of liquid smoke (yeah you read it right), so every sip is a warm and toasty reminder of weekends spent relaxing in the comfort of home, as you’re embraced by the cool breeze of a tropical storm blowing from your window. For added effect, you might want to throw on some Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne or Ethel Waters in your playlist. Just sayin.

The first 100 bottles of Stormy Weather come with a sleek AUGUSTMAN hip flask for those times when you want to bring this indoor experience out. Also, part proceeds from the sale of this cool combo go towards The Food Bank Singapore, so you’ll be doing your bit for charity while savouring each pour.

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