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We love our cocktails. And thankfully in Singapore, we have a growing number of great bars and exceptional bartenders who create them. Having worked in public relations and the media for most of our adult lives, Sunday Punch was an idea that stemmed from us enjoying the company of others, always trying to think of inventive (read: lazy) solutions and finding an opportunity to work with our super talented friends in the F&B industry. Now we get to talk to even more people about cocktails and work with our bartending friends to create new flavours every couple of months. Best!

Small batch bottled cocktails

The cocktails we create are done in small batches to allow for the greatest attention and care to go into every bottle. We with some of the best in the industry to ensure that all ingredients not only taste good, but keep well. Because every batch is small, we also have the ability to bring you new cocktails regularly - the goal is to present new interesting flavours through the year, so pick up a bottle (or two) and help us help you enjoy a better drinking experience with spankin' new flavours in the months to come.

More information

We are always looking for more ways to improve our existing selection of cocktails as well as introduce new flavours you will enjoy. If you need more information about what Sunday Punch has in store, email or check out the rest of the site.

Sunday Punch was created by Yap Hwee Jen and Mark Tay in late 2014 with the aim to give everyone the chance to enjoy great drinks wherever they may be. Since its launch, Sunday Punch has had the chance to work with numerous local and international brands from Artichoke, The Projecetor, Matter Prints, Plain Vanilla Bakery, the Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Airlines.

To find out more about what we do, follow us on Facebook or Instagram @drinksundaypunch. 

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