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Sunday Punch batch two is ready to roll

We're happy to announce that our second batch of bottled cocktails are now available for purchase on our website, right on time for the festive season ahead in Singapore.

The #88 combines the botanicals of gin with the tropical goodness of pineapples, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves - a light and refreshing cocktail you enjoy over some ice (or with a dash of soda if you like it fizzy). We served the #88 at Lepak at the National Museum (an event by Kueh Kakis) over the weekend and it was definitely a crowd-pleaser

A pour of the Nightcap cocktail is a great way to unwind in the evening with a few close friends. Cognac, elderflower liqueur, Cynar and coffee-infused vermouth are elegantly combined to bring your palate layers of luxurious flavour that'll leave you satisfied with the day that's passed. We'd advise you mentally prepare that those you serve this to will be asking for at least one refill, so proceed with caution.

Both the #88 and the Nightcap are perfect gifts to take along to gatherings with close friends and family, so pick up a bottle or two and raise a toast to the Year of the Goat.


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