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We distil... Date Night

Well folks, we’ve come to the final cocktail of the AUGUSTMAN x SUNDAY PUNCH series. For those of you who’ve been following the collection as we released them over the last few months, you probably noticed that we stuck to cocktails featuring whiskies. More importantly, we wanted to give you drinkers out there a chance to get better acquainted with lesser-known whiskies that are totally worth checking out.

We’ve stuck with this same ethos of showcasing unique pours worth their every drop but decided that it was time to work with an entirely different liquid. So we caught up with the good people behind Paper Lantern - the first Singaporean company to launch their own Asian inspired gin - and knew we had to work with them on the last bottled cocktail in this series. Simin and Rick have always loved creating things, especially things to eat and drink (they’ve obviously moved to the right country). They’re both certified beekeepers, have brewed their own beer, made their own jam and now have their own gin.

Their Sichuan Pepper Gin is one of the most interesting and unique gins we’ve had in a while, possibly because of how subtle and distinct its character is. Its base is made from Thai rice that they distilled before bringing it together with Asian botanicals like sichuan peppercorns, makhwaen (a Thai spice used in primarily used in “Northern-Style” dishes), lemongrass, ginger and galangal. You get a nice balance with top and tail hints of plum, pine, cloves and lavender. If this sounds like too much of a party in your mouth, trust us when we say if you don’t try it out for yourself, you’ll be sorely missing out. Once we tried it for ourselves, we knew we just had to try our hands at creating something with it.

As the weeks drew closer to National Day in Singapore, we wanted our last cocktail to pay tribute to the country that inspired all three of our businesses in this collaboration, as a way to remember what matters most to us. While we keep pushing ahead towards greater goals, with never-ending To Do lists and laughably ridiculous deadlines, we may inadvertently fail to keep in touch with those closest to us. So we thought that as we celebrated the Lion City’s success in its years of independence and stability, we should do it in the company of close friends and family, who have also been with you since the beginning.

Date Night is not just for couples who are making a point to keep the magic alive in their relationships, it’s really more about consciously setting time aside to spend with those closer to you - whether that’s your parents, or your siblings or even your best friend from Primary School.

Because our Date Night is meant to be shared among people you’ve known for a while, we wanted to work with very local flavours that we’re all too familiar with since we were young kids on the island. We brought together familiar flavours like sour plum, red dates, ginger and lime while enhancing some of the original flavours from the Paper Lantern Sichuan Pepper gin. We’re sure each sip will bring back some memories from your earlier days in Singapore, as this flavours work so well with this very unique gin.

So this August, set your own Date Night with that someone you have always been meaning to spend more time with. You’ll be really happy you did (and they’ll be really happy if you brought along a bottle or two of this limited edition cocktail #truestory).

The first 100 bottles of Date Night come with a sleek AUGUSTMAN hip flask that’s a perfect companion for a great evening ahead. Also, part proceeds from the sale of this combo go towards The Food Bank Singapore, so you’ll be doing your bit for charity with every order.

Click here to get your orders in soon before they are all gone. Order before 3 August to receive your Date Night by 6 August, which should be a great time in Singapore where you’ll have a moment to spend (and now a drink to share) with the people around you who matter most


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