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 We’ve made our #88 CNY-ready to herd in the Year of the Ox! Make your visits count and share the joy of the season with one of our hot favourites in her festive getup. Order the Double #88 500ml Bundle for free home delivery. Limited stocks only.

#88 mixes the botanicals of London Dry Gin with a blend of pineapples, lemongrass as well as kaffir lime leaves and a touch of extra dry vermouth for a simply refreshing cocktail that's perfect for any gathering. Pick up a bottle (get some good ice too) and with some luck, you’ll be indulging in the prosperity of good company over a great drink.

Available in both 500ml and 250ml sizes perfect for hosting at home or gifting at your next house gathering.

23% ABV

500ml, 6-8 serves

250ml, 3-4 serves


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