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We distil… The Cocoa Peel

The Cocoa Peel is our latest creation and we think it’s the perfect cocktail for the festive season. As the name suggests, the Cocoa Peel brings together two main flavours— chocolate and orange. The result is a refreshing cocktail that’s big on taste with just the right amount of sweetness that’ll please everyone at the party. The Cocoa Peel is the drink you serve to friends who are looking for a drink with a little more strength but are bored with the regular spirit-on-the-rocks choices.

At the heart of the Cocoa Peel is Cointreau, the orange flavoured liqueur from France. Cointreau has been around for yonks (since 1849) and a surprising fact is that originally, the Cointreau family was in the confectionary and cake-making business! Well, it’s a good thing for us cocktail fans that they didn’t stick to baking as Cointreau is a key component in lots of cocktails like the Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Singapore Sling and of course, the Cocoa Peel!

Pairing perfectly with Cointreau is the chocolatey goodness of Mozart Dry Chocolate Vodka from Salzburg, Austria. From the city that brings us the “The Sound of Music” comes this wonderful chocolate spirit distilled from chocolate macerate. Amazingly, though this spirit sings (geddit?) with loads of dark-chocolate flavor, it comes with zero residual sugar. Truly a masterpiece worthy of the Mozart name!

Rounding off the Cocoa Peel is our specially blended mint-infused vermouth. We’ve talked previously about how vermouth got its name and how it’s essentially a souped-up version of wine -- wine that’s fortified with more alcohol, more flavour and more aromatics.

Mint and chocolate are sort of like Batman and Robin. On their own, they are pretty good but together… they kick ass! So we took a flavourful wine and gave it even more zing with the mint infusion. Why the infusion you say? Why not just stick a couple of mint leaves into the cocktail like how the bartenders do it in a Mojito? The answer is simple - Precision. We want to give our drinks the precise amount of mint that will complement the orange from the Cointreau and the chocolate from the Mozart (that, plus no one really likes picking bits of mint out of their mouths after every sip). This is what drives us at Sunday Punch— We want every single pour of our cocktails to have the perfect blend of depth and taste so all you need to do is pour and enjoy.

So that’s the Cocoa Peel distilled. As our page says, the Cocoa Peel is like if a Jaffa Cake and an After Eight had a baby without a sweet tooth. We feel this is a pretty special cocktail meant for really special occasions so we’ve only made a carefully crafted limited run of 100 bottles for the season. If you’re feeling like you or your friends are looking to raise the bar at home this December, you know what to do. And you ought to do it quick. Just sayin’

Happy Holidays!

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