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5 things to remember when throwing a last minute house party

Before you read on, stop. Breathe.

And remember that a good house party is totally possible without spending too much time or money. It’s all about focusing on a few simple things.



Don’t invite all your friends on Facebook and their friends. You might be thinking, the more people you invite, the better chance you’ll have the right number after some flake out. But what if you’re wrong and errbady comes? ERRBADY. Yeah, it’s pretty messed up. Keep the group to 10 or less so it’s just enough for everyone to chat with at least three other guests at the party. It’s a simple proportion that usually results in a good night. Try it.



The right music will elevate any setting from just a couple of people hanging around a coffee table, to a proper house party scene from the movies.  Pick one of the many curated playlists from the likes of Spotify, Rdio or some other Internet radio station and you’re set for the night. Most importantly, DO NOT let the music stop and also, be wary of wannabe DJs who may hijack the tunes and trip up everyone’s groove. You know that one guy? Yeah keep him away from the AV jack.



Ice might not seem like the most important thing on a list of things to have when guests are over but the truth is, in sunny Singapore, if you don’t have ice, you don’t have a party. We cannot emphasize this point enough – Ice runs out = no cold beverages = mood drop = people leave = no party. From our experience, this series of events will all happen within an hour of the last cube melting off.



It’s late. We’d suggest sticking with the three basic finger food groups – chips, nuts and pizza. Obviously, you only order pizza if people are around at dinner time. If you’re somehow good at making a certain canape, you can do that too.



Cold beer, chilled wine and a good bottle or two of spirit are the baseline for your beverage list. But do not forget about having a non-alcoholic drink alternative. Serve some homemade (people love that word) ice lemon tea in a nice pitcher for the rustic feels. Unless you’re an experienced bartender, here are some key things to remember if attempting to serve cocktails:

  1. Get the right tools – Have proper equipment to squeeze juice (plus make sure you actually have fruit to squeeze juice out of), stir and strain. Make sure you’re comfortable using the mentioned equipment because how you handle the tool in your hand is way more important than how expensive (or large) it is.

  2. Speed – Avoid using a shaker because not matter how cool it might seem, it’s going to take forever for everyone to get their drinks. Your guests won’t usually say this to your face, but essentially they want a drink ASAP because they’re thirsty and need to cool down. If they were expecting theatrics with their cocktail, they’d be at a bar.

  3. Local additions – using some local ingredients is always a nice touch. Whether it’s limes from the wet market or mint you grew yourself. Give it a couple of tries before serving to your guests to make sure the delicious refreshment in your head tastes as good when it reaches their mouths.

  4. Get a batch going – See if you can make some drinks ahead of time and put them in large bottles so it’s easy and quick to serve. 

    Alternatively, check out the Sunday Punch range of small batch bottled cocktails that we’re pretty sure will give you and your guests an awesome drinking experience without all the hassle. Your guests have a great time, you look like a great host. It’s a freakin’ win-win. Sweet!

Check out our range of cocktails here. And yes, we deliver!


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